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April 02, 2007



Cindy, your gallery looks great! Your stamping is really impressive :-)
Keep up the good work! I will keep checking back to see all your great progress! See you soon.

Mary Campbell

Welcome to the world of blogging. I spend too much time on the computer already so I will not blog. Just wanted to say that I love your cards. They are so fresh and unlike so many that I see. You are very talented. I will check back to see what else you post.

Stasia Todd

I just sent you an email from my hotmail account. Your blog is great!
But you don't have your name any where on the main page. I guess at this point, we would have to get your address from a SU demo board site or be your customer. In the future others will want to who you are.


Cindy...You added your link on Stmpbus and I just wanted to say I just loved your ideas in your gallery and must admit I snagged a few for future ideas. Thanks for sharing your great art...Suzzz


Hi Cindy,
I saw the link for your blog on Stmpbus and came over for a peek... I LOVE your work! It is so inspiring! I'll definitely be checking back for updates!

Cindy McVey

Thanks for your observation! I have added my name and location on my "About" page. My e-mail was already there and on the main page so people can contact me! :)

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